Understanding ‘message’ and ‘thread’

Whenever we refer to the term ‘message’ in Hop, we mean an email message. A text message that includes at least one recipient, one sender, a subject and body, and sometimes includes one file attachment or more. The message is served and stored in your email cloud by your email service provider. Hop is communicating with your email provider in order to be in constant sync with all outgoing and incoming messages.

A ‘thread’ is a collection of messages. Conventional email applications organize messages in ‘boxes’. Such ‘boxes’ (a.k.a. inbox), sent items, labels, archives, trash etc. Hop ‘hovers’ all of those messages stored in those ‘boxes’ and reorganize them by people, groups, or entities. So for example, all emails you sent Jen, and all emails Jen sent you, are organized in one thread we call ‘Jen’. If Jen is also using Hop- she will see the same thread on her list, but on her Hop the name of the thread will be Joe (assuming you’re Joe).

Last Updated On December 25, 2017