Category: Notifications

How can I customize my snoozing options?

Swipe right and the main menu will be displayed with your linked accounts. Tap on the ‘Settings’ icon, and scroll down to the ‘Messaging’ section. Here you will have ‘Snoozing’ which will allow for customizing default snoozing options.

What is snoozing and when should it be used?

Snoozing allows you to avoid getting alerts and notifications until a later time. This is helpful for situations where you can’t reply or don’t want to be distracted, but still want to reply at a later time.

How can I mute/block a channel?

Tap on the channel you wish to mute, and click on the top right button (three dots). Here you have the option to mute notifications or block the channel.

How can I control email notification?

In order to set new message notifications, tap on the Hop logo and your Hop main menu with your accounts will appear. Tap the gear icon on the top right, and select the desired account. Here you can personalize your new message notification and have the option to mute notifications.