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How can I know if another Hop user is online?

Hop users can see each other’s indication of ‘Online’ or ‘Last Seen’. This information will only show for users who already communicated with one another in the past. It will not show if the other party is not a Hop user or if this is the first message between you and the other person.

Know when there are multiple unread messages from same sender

Sometimes you may get several unread emails from the same person or group. Hop indicates the number of unread messages on the right side of the highlighted thread. When you enter the conversation, you will have a blue line separating the unread messages from the read ones.

See only unread threads

To view only unread messages –long press the icon on the bottom left shaped like a chat icon. To release and see all –long press it again.

Archive a thread

Swipe over the thread you wish to archive and tap on the Archive icon on the right. The thread messages will be archived and the entire thread will disappear from your list.

Mark a thread as read/unread

When you read a specific thread it automatically turns to read. To save time, you can also mark it read, even without entering the thread! Long press on the unread thread, and then see the message hop & turn to read. Another long press will turn it to unread again.

Trash an entire thread

To trash a thread, swipe (right to left) and press more. Here you will have a trash option marked in red.

Trash a message

To trash a message, long press over the message area. The message menu bar will pop up on top of the relevant message. Tap on the trash bin icon (second left).


To forward a message you’d like to share, (iOS- swipe, Android-long press) over the message area –to open the message menu bar. Tap on the right arrow to forward the message. You can also forward the last message in an ‘Incoming’ thread by tapping the right arrow at the bottom. This will open the Contact list. …

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Hop offers several ways to reply. The simplest way is to tap on the bottom part of the conversation thread, where it says “Reply…”(if previous message has a subject) or “Message…”(all other cases) It is also possible to reply to a specific message within the thread. This is very convenient when you have several messages …

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