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How can I send an encrypted message?

When writing a message, tapping the ‘Lock’ icon on the top right of your keyboard will turn encryption on. After tapping the encryption, the lock will turn blue and you will receive a notification saying “Encrypted Messaging On”. Tap again to turn off encryption.

Send a new message -using an existing photo

Tap on the ‘New Message’ icon and then tap on the camera roll icon (located on the left side), which will be to the right of the camera icon. Select the desired photo from your camera roll. This will hop you directly to the contact list.

Send a new message-the common way

The most common way is to tap on the ‘New Message’ icon. The ‘New Message’ icon is at the bottom right corner, and the list of contacts will uncover. Once you’ve selected who should get your message, you will be directed to the conversation mode where you can directly type in your message, add attachments, …

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Send a message to several people

Select multiple contacts by checking multiple names on the name list. The list of the people you selected will be displayed on top, underneath the New Message header. Once you’re done, start writing your message (top right).

Message a specific person

Tap on the ‘New Message’ (picture of a pen) icon on the bottom right corner. The quickest way is to tap on the name or image of the relevant person and directly get hopped to the message.

How to send a new message

In order to send a new message, tap on the ‘New Message’ icon that’s represented by an icon with a picture of a pen.

How can I Cc/Bcc?

In order to Cc/Bcc, first start by clicking on the ‘New Message’ icon that’s shaped like a pen. Next pick your recipient or recipients. Once you’ve selected who to message, you can Cc or Bcc by clicking on the small downward arrow that’s located to the right of your selected contacts.